Monday, December 22, 2014


Jesus Christ and his disciples went about performing signs and wonders among non-believers of God. 

Believers walk by faith, believers walk in the word of God.  Their faith is manifesting Gods word in their lives daily.  By faith believers are healed, protected, supernaturally strengthened and supplied with every need and desire.  They don’t need proof, or signs and wonders to believe in God’s power.  They already got it by faith!
                                                This is "The Other Side of Signs and Wonders"

Sunday, July 6, 2014

Are You A Winner?

I watched a little 2-3 year old girl running up and down a hallway alone.  When she would get to the end of the hall way, she would jump up and down with tremendous joy shouting “I win…I win.”

As I watched her, I thought to myself “that’s cute, she isn't even racing against anybody.  She doesn't even understand life yet! You have to race against someone and actually win to call your self a winner.”
 But is that really true?

Astonishingly, she was already calling herself a winner.  She was doing this without the validation of having another human being racing by her side.  At least as far as I could see!

In my few years on this earth, I have been in some of life’s most serious races and battles that have been so invisible to the outside world.  Even if someone close to me looked at my life they would not have had a clue about what I was going through.  Sadly enough I did not always come out at the end saying “I win…I win”

But being a winner really starts from the inside. We do not need a stamp from another human being.  God has already programmed us with a winning spirit.  You might get knocked down or up a bit, but just know that Jesus Christ is not Dead!  With God we can still WIN!

Just believe you are a winner, and consistently say this-no matter what you look like to the outside world.  According to Mark 11:23 (Amplified Bible)
 “Truly I tell you, whoever says to this mountain, be lifted up and thrown into the sea! And does not doubt at all in his heart but believes that what he says will take place, it will be done for him”

No one can take that from you.  All that matters is what happens at the end of the hallway.  Are shouting “I win….I made it out…..I win”

Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Reading The Bible Is Like Flossing Your Teeth Daily

 If its not done you can’t get the bad, hidden, slowly destroying junk out of your teeth or mind.

Dentist recommend that flossing is crucial for healthy teeth, gums, and breath.  If you do not-eventually,bacteria will slowly grow and DESTROY your teeth, gums, and breath. It can even travel down to your heart!

Some may say that they brush their teeth daily, even several times through the day.  That is very good, but the Dentist will still reiterate that nothing can take the place of daily flossing.

Some people may feel that isn't it sufficient enough that we go to church every Sunday, assist with mid-week Bible study, watch/listen to Pastors on TV/Internet and attend various church conventions.  It’s a blessing to do all of these things.  However, only spending time studying and  reading your Bible daily will annihilate the hidden bacteria in our minds, body and souls.
You can’t just floss one tooth or the side of your mouth you mostly chew on; you have got to floss all of your teeth to get effective results.  Many Christians just like to read their favorite Bible versus, instead of  going through the whole Bible.  We can't pick and choose what we think is best from God's word.   

There are many countries all over the world where  people do not know about importance of flossing-much less can afford to go to a Dentist.  There are global dental organizations and charities that spread this message through partnerships and dental care programs.  And we have many Christian organizations that spread the message of the Gospel through international partnerships and evangelism.  

Many of us are born again, but our souls, which is made up of our mind, will and emotions can not change if we do not commit PERSONAL time studying Gods word.  Our souls do not transform instantly, it’s a process that takes place over time as our minds are strengthened from the word of God.

We can never attain and enjoy on this earth all the benefits of the blessings that BELONG to us as believers if we do not allow the word to seep through the cracks of our souls.  We can have heaven on earth!
“So GET RID of all uncleanness and the rampant outgrowth of wickedness, and in a humble (gentle, modest) spirit receive and welcome the Word which implanted and rooted [in your hearts] contains the power to save your souls”(James 1.21, Amplified Bible).

Flossing your teeth is an act that needs motivation.  It can be so boring and monotonous.  But your teeth do feel better after it’s done.  Your dental visits are short and sweet;
 and most importantly your teeth remain strong and healthy.

Tuesday, February 11, 2014

How Islam Led Me to Christ Not Church or Christian Denominations

"I Would Not Be a Minister and Financier of the Gospel today if it had not been For Islam."

Christians be weary of judging Muslims or people of different religions. There are many roads that lead to Christ. A Virtuous woman of God who is a believer and follower of Jesus Christ said she would not be a minister and financier of the Gospel today if it had not been for Islam. 

“My father came from a family that had a generational foundation in idol worshiping.  They went to church but, continued to mix it with family traditions of homage to idols.  My mother was a devout Muslim who made us pray 5 times a day.  Although she knew she had to follow the head of her household, she was determined to give us a good spiritual foundation in God.”

As a Muslim one is supposed to believe in and have all of Gods holy books.  So that meant we had a Bible, Torah and Quran.  “My mother believed in reading and knowing what Gods instruction says for you.   She didn’t just want us to wait until Juma service every Friday to open the Quran and read what God says.  We had to learn about Abraham, Moses, Daniel, David and many of the great men/women of God.”

In reading the Quran we learned of those that follow Jesus Christ.  Muslims who consistently read their Quran will know that there are and will be followers of Jesus Christ.
(Surah 3:55-A. Yussuf Ali translation) says “Behold! God said: ‘O Jesus! I will take thee and raise thee to myself and clear thee (of the falsehoods) of those who blaspheme; I will make those who follow thee superior to those who reject faith,” 

Another translation (Surah 57:27-King Fahd Cmplx translation) says “Then, we went after them our messengers, and we sent ‘Isa (Jesus)-son of Maryam (Mary), and gave him the Injeel (Gospel).  And we ordained in the hearts of those who followed him compassion and mercy……..”

“It was the early morning prayers between 5-6am that we despised the most.  I didn’t understand the importance of seeking God’s face early in the morning.  Jesus did it often.   The irony is that now I can’t start my day with out hearing from and sharing with God at 5am.”

Religion can become so routine, conventional, ceremonial, habitual, ritual or even traditional.  I have seen it in Christianity and Islam.  If most people read the word of God daily they would know that when God anointed Jesus and sent him to us-it was not to create another religion, but to give us ABUNDANT LIFE.

Evangelism should always be the focus-Jesus went to the world. Christians who actively read the Bible can gain more understanding of what Paul expressed.    They would be able to decipher between Muslims who truly know the word and the opinions of uniformed Muslims.  Christians would also have some insight into the disparity between Arab culture and the actual practice of Islam.

 In a letter that Paul wrote to the church in Corinth, he discussed a wide variety of subjects-especially party strife within the church. Out side of the church he states that his actions are focused on the gain of more for Christ. 1Corinthians 9:19-23; is a great display of the mind set that we should have towards those outside of the church. 

In 1Corinth 9:19-23(Amplified)Paul states that “ For although I am free in every way from anyone’s control, I have made myself a bond servant to everyone, so that I might gain the more [for Christ]…..To the Jews, I became a Jew…….To those without(outside)law…..To the weak……And I do this for the sake of the good news(the Gospel)in order that I may become a participator in it and share in its [blessings along with you].”

“Even though, my family has had many spiritual attacks since I chose to give my life to Jesus Christ to the glory of God, I am able to share with my mom about the love of God through the Gospel-beyond denominational Christianity.”

“The unconditional love of Christ enables me to share Gods Biblical financial principles of prosperity-some even exist in the Quran.  I show my mother the joy and victory in kingdom living-God gave us the   keys!  The Quran even tells Muslims that God has keys to his kingdom and his righteous will inherit the earth.”

Islam means the submission to the Will of God.  This implies faith, doing right, being an example to others to do right and having the power to see that the right prevails, eschewing wrong, being an example to others to eschew wrong, and having power to see that wrong and injustice are defeated.

“The Gospel enabled me to know what it means to be believer who walks by faith.  If it had not been for the grace of God on my mothers life to be persistent in prayers and reading of the Quran; I wonder where we would be.”

 I hope this will be a blessing to many people all over the world-Thank you.
TT From UK.

Sunday, February 2, 2014

KEEP YOUR foot......

Ecclesiastes chapter 5:9 states that “the profit of the earth is for all.”  However not all will enjoy the profit of the earth and not all that profit will enjoy the earth.

According to Ecclesiastes 5:19, it is a gift of God for us to be given riches, possessions, the power to ENJOY those riches and possessions; the ability to accept your appointed lot (share, fortune, or ration); and then finally to have the ability to rejoice in your toil (work).

It does not seem to make sense that it takes a gift from God to be able to take pleasure in your riches and possessions, or to accept your portion or to enjoy your work.  Society tells us we will be so much happier once we get the great job or contract, house, cars, clothes, gadgets, husband, wife, kids, vacations, etc.

But when you watch television programs that  describe the personal challenges of lottery winners, successful entrepreneurs/corporate employees, Pastors, wealthy house wives,  or  the tribulations of the “haves & have nots” of the world-the immense need for Gods gift clearly becomes evident.

There are many people who eat and drink everyday without rejoicing.  The thought of enjoying ones labor or the source that provides their lifestyle is inconceivable.  In fact their escape from their source of wealth or work is eating and drinking.

Ecclesiastes 5:17 describes how there are people that eat in darkness (cheerlessly, with no sweetness and light in them), they have much sorrow, sickness and wrath (anger) in them.  This can cause depression and disease of the body over time; the body can become a breeding ground for cancers to grow, this can also make the body turn on itself.

Most people do not even realize when this is happening or that they are in denial that it is. 

KEEP YOUR foot grounded in God, it’s the only way to get and maintain the GIFT.

Sunday, August 25, 2013

Conditionally Coming To God? Is God’s Kingdom a Condition of Your Heart or a Condition of Your Wants and Needs.

These days most people come to God with conditions.  Conditions of needs or wants-job, marriage, children, healing, money, etc.    

The Bible does tell us if we ask God for anything in faith it shall be done unto us.  However, after we get the need or want fulfilled-what happens next?
Of course we know that many of Jesus’ listeners were touched by his words and came to have faith that moved them to follow Jesus in the pursuit of the blessings of God’s Kingdom.

But do we really want God as our REWARD  as God told Abraham in Genisis 15:1.  Do you know that if God is our abundant compensation, every dream, desire, need and wish will be exceedingly and abundantly fulfilled.

When we have God in our hearts, we have access to everything! 

Many Christians might not verbally say it, but their lifestyle and actions boldly demonstrate that don’t really desire God as a reward or heaven.  Isaiah 66:2 says that  God will have regard for those “who tremble at My  word and reveres My commands.”

Zephaniah 2:3(Amplified)says “Seek the Lord [inquire for him, inquire of him, and require him as the foremost necessity of your life]…..” This is a very powerful verse, because after you get the job, car, marriage, children, healing, etc; how are you going to maintain them safely and have your peace of mind if you don’t seek God from your heart?

We are designed by God to have and consistently receive special treatment- special attention, in fact that’s the essence of  Grace.  However we have to make ourselves available to receive it. 

Be we willing to sacrifice it all for God and worship him.  And then not only will God give you the desires of your heart, but you will receive double portions.  Psalms 34:9-11; tell us that we should revere and worship God….inquire and require of the Lord.  Verse 11 tells us that God will even teach you to revere and worship.  So what’s your excuse!

Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Christians Who Don‘t Do Crime But Cover Up Criminals

There are a lot of Christians that go to church every Sunday, praying to God to change their lives albeit concealing criminal activity.   They give the excuse that it is just to help solve a problem or issue that arises, but they fail to look at the sacrifices they will have to make.

 Unfortunately, these Christians are  unconsciously  telling God that they value being under the covering of a thief, rather than the covering of Christ alongside their pastor.  1st Corinthians 10:21(Amplified)says “You can not drink the Lord’s cup and the demons’ cup.  You cannot partake of the Lord’s table and the demons’ table.”  Verse 22 asks the question “…..Are we stronger than He(God)[that we should defy him]?”

During a time when we were experiencing some serious financial challenges, God  led me to watch a film called “TAKERS.”  I wasn’t even aware that I had become so engulfed by the illusion of glamor, easy life, swagger, class and riches in the film-that this thought flashed across my brain “wow! it would be so much easier  to just rob a bank.”

 It was quite a good action packed film-about rich young guys who call them selves “Takers,” but it also included a policeman who was  a “Taker” as well.   Together with this, the question of how to effectively evangelize to a rich robber or poor thief became a serious thought. 

How do you convince them that all the money, power, etc that they are taking from others they can get from God?  Well we decided to take a few of the reasons and compare.

Covering Of A Thief

Under anointing /covering of Sin/Evil
Controlled by flesh drinking, and drugs to deal with stress and burdens. Which leads to more problems-addiction.
Gives you protection from people or issues after they attack you
Can not heal you
You Pay weekly or monthly for your protection with no reward
You consciously assist criminals to launder their money or use your business to protect or cover up their criminal activity-You have no peace because you have to consistently live in dishonesty.
If the criminal goes down and gets caught, you name will be associated with them as an accessory
You will loose eventually.  Life is a full circle of events, what you take will surely be taken from you.
You have to be careful who your kids or family talk to, you don’t want them to get too close or mix with these criminals.  They could be used as pawns if you choose to stop assisting or make a mistake with these criminals
You are always paranoid and watching your back
Recruit others by force, money or a temporary illusion that life is of better quality.
With crime either you are in or out. You can’t ride the fence.  All famous people in crime are in jail or dead.  Their families pay a price of pain
You have to hide what you do, you are ashamed to tell others what you do in secret.
Criminals know if you get too rich, you might not want to help them any more, so they always keep some negative secret to use against you as back up to keep you in check -just in case.


Covering of A Pastor

Under Jesus Christ’s  anointing/covering of God
Controlled by holy spirit and any problem, stress or burden given to God is solved. Which leads to peace
God Gives you protection from all evil before or after it attacks you
God can heal you always
You Pay tithes, offerings, sow seeds weekly or monthly and reap a multiplied harvest with blessings
You have peace of mind with your business you do not have to consistently tell untruths and everything you do prospers.
Even if your Pastor goes down, it can’t touch you because you are under God’s anointed covenant of protection. You are the Apple of Gods eye, his Jewel
You Never loose.  God always restores-even sometimes double just for your trouble
God perfects everything that concerns you, your family will be blessed, they enjoy mixing with other church members, believers, or Christians
You have angels protecting you  from invisible arrows, pestilence that stalks in darkness or sudden death that surprise& lay waste at noon day
Recruit others with PROOF that their lives will change forever.
The man or woman who gives it all up for God becomes a great nation.  God says he will make your name famous and distinguished.  And your families will heal through any pain with peace, testimonies and triumph.
Never ashamed of the Gospel, you are free. In fact you want to tell the world how good God is to you.
God wants you to be wealthy, he takes pleasure in your prosperity.  He wants to bless you with an abundant increase of favor.